Travel Risk Management

Aventel was employed to provide travel management and security support to a client’s daughter attending university abroad.

Client Type:

High Net Worth US Hotelier


Travel Risk Management


South Africa

The US client’s daughter was attending university in South Africa and Aventel was requested to provide travel management and security support.

Aventel deployed an evacuation plan for the daughter, for security and/or medical evacuation and repatriation the event of an incident. Aventel was also able to provide security and medical support in case the daughter would need local assistance in the event of theft, assault, kidnapping, illness or injury.

Aventel stayed in communication with the client in the US and their daughter in South Africa, monitoring her movement and being able to provide support and advice as she required. She was involved in a vehicle accident and contacted Aventel immediately for advice on what to do and how to navigate local Police enquiries. Aventel kept overwatch on this process until all risk was removed. The daughter had a successful 6-month stay in South Africa.


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