Predictive Risk Intelligence for Celebrity Entertainer

Aventel utilized intel to mitigate security concerns at a world renown singer's concert in Canada.

Client Type:

Media & Entertainment


Predictive Risk Intelligence & Social Media Analytics



A world renown singer/celebrity was due to hold a concert in Canada and a series of security concerns had been flagged by her security team prior to the concert due to her political stance amidst recent elections.

Aventel’s Security Platform was used to detect social media posts – by user and location - which illustrated a credible threat towards the safety of the singer and concert attendees at this upcoming show.

The information gained by Radar was used to monitor the threat in the lead up to the concert and feed back to security officials, so that the security teams for the singer and the venue could adjust their protection strategies – in realtime - to mitigate the threat. This was able to be achieved in a discreet manner to obtain and maintain ultimate control and oversight of the situation without causing panic amongst the concert teams and participants. The concert went ahead unhindered and was a total success.


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