Global Risks Across Multiple Jurisdictions

Aventel assisted the company with building a standardized set of security and travel policies.

Client Type:

Company Executives & Families (Extractive Industries)


Assessments and Audits and Travel Risk Management



The commercial client is a world-renown diamond mining company in Africa, which also elevates the risk to the executives and their families. The executives and their families travel within Africa and across to the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Their children attend educational institutions in Africa and the UK, which presents additional risks spread across multiple jurisdictions.

Aventel assisted the company to build a standardized set of security and travel policies, which transferred into the family environment. Aventel assessed the personal profiles of the executives, their family members, their homes, hotels, and children’s schools, to be able to manage and monitor all risks across the commercial and personal spectrums. Family members are tracked electronically, and protective security and transport is deployed as they travel between African countries and further overseas to the United States, European and Middle Eastern destinations. Travel bookings and logistics are arranged by Aventel and emergency response and evacuation plans are in place - Aventel also works with the client’s insurers to align with their insurance Specialty Assistance (response) mechanisms. The client employs Aventel as an overlay to their security department and insurer service providers, to advise and maintain a level of security and protection that they know will work.

Aventel was able to monitor the security of the executives and their families as a “force multiplier” to the company’s existing security department, with the ability to advise and support the client in a proactive manner, adapting and responding to the threats as they arise.


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