Discreet Crisis Response for Public Figure

Aventel deployed a range of discreet services for a prominent client involved in a public incident abroad.

Client Type:

Media & Entertainment


Response & Recovery



The client was involved by association in a public incident in Europe during holidays in the Mediterranean. Local security authorities and law enforcement became involved which significantly elevated the risk of media exposure to the client which would have resulted in significant damage to his reputation.

Aventel deployed a consultant on the ground at the client’s location within 24hrs of the incident from overseas, who was able arrive already informed and navigate the reputation-related and legal aspects of the incident. A series of rapid assessments took place immediately to cover all risks pertaining to the client, his associates, and the fact that they were US citizens in a foreign country.

The consultant liaised with the client, his office and PR team, the superyacht they chartered, local authorities and developed a strategy to avoid paparazzi. The relationship with the local authorities was handled whilst the client was moved to another location, and all media was avoided.

Aventel continues to deploy a range of discreet services for the client, from protective security, to social bookings, fan and media liaison and vetting, social media monitoring and the handling of accounts whilst he and his family and friends travel. This removes the threats of security breaches, media imposition, fraud, and most of all - safety. Hotels, superyachts, private aircraft and transport logistics are managed all under the one roof with security and discretion in mind. Aventel has maintained the client for more than 10 years.


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