Protective Services

Aventel understands that Executive Protection is vital to any holistic, well-orchestrated and integrated asset protection strategy.

All security solutions must factor in our client's unique culture and appetite, seeking to find the right balance between executives living vigilantly and normally.

We're developing new standards for delivering protection.

Personal and Asset Protection

We offer intelligence-driven support that balances risk and culture considerations to provide safety, convenience, discretion, and productivity for executives.

Threat Profiling

We complete in-depth assessments to create a risk profile to determine a Client's risk-attracting characteristics.

Travel Risk Management

Travel comes with inherent risks compounded by the dynamic threat environment of each region - we offer expertise in mitigating these risks to ensure safe and successful travel.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

We detect attempts by adversaries to gain sensitive information through physical and electronic sweeps, analysis of detected devices, and specialized counter-surveillance investigations.

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